At Viñedos del Contino tradition and innovation, together in perfect harmony


A modern vinification cellar, with a selection table and individual limited capacity fermentation tanks.


The production of each of the estate's lots is placed in individual limited capacity fermentation tanks and, depending on the characteristics of the grapes, fermentation takes place in one way or another.


Cellars which date back to the 16th century are responsible for the ageing of the wine, under the best temperatures and humidity.


Perhaps the respect and care with which these wines are treated is why Contino is recognized, after 30 years and since its first vintage in 1974, as the result of an ideal combination of vineyards, climate, soil, and technology. In short, a wine with great personality that has triumphed both in Spain and beyond.


In its cellars, among La Rioja's oldest, the echoes of the most deeply-rooted winemaking tradition can be heard along with the sounds of the latest technology.


Cvne has placed all of its experience at the service of a winery able to conserve the rustic local flavor in its architecture and look to the future with innovative facilities where modern wines with great personality are made.


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