Maritime Wine Trading Collective is a national importer and California distributor of relatively small production wines mainly produced by family-owned and operated wineries.


With over 35 years of combined experience, co-owners Chris Nickolopoulos and Elijah Pfister have forged and continue to develop meaningful relationships with producers around the globe.


Maritime Wine Trading Collective highly values small production winemakers whose wines cannot find a home with large distributors: there is a vast world of excellent wine not available to the North American consumers. Our mission and focus is to share wines which have greatly impressed us with their quality, value and the authentic stories behind them.

Check out our roster of wines that have consistently received favorable reviews and scores from widely-respected publications.


We are not interventionist importers which is to say that the wines we offer are a genuine expression of the people and places they come from: wines that we’ve shared with family and friends during our extensive travels home and abroad, and now with you.



1011 KEARNY STREET    SUITE A     SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA     94133     ORDERS: 415.556.9600