The history of Calvados Morin began in 1889. Handed down from father to son, it is one of the oldest Normandy companies, specialized in making and blending top quality Calvados. Each year the Morin Calvados can be identified for its elegance and exceptional character.


Located in Ivry-la-Bataille, a charming small Normandy town of the Eure Valley, Calvados Morin possesses aging installations which are unique in Normandy; in particular, underground Troglodyte caves. Normandy, land of history situated in the northwest of France, has a marked history, from the 10th century Viking houses, to the Second World War. Its prairies and coast have inspired many authors along with artists such as Claude Monet. Apple trees flourish in this green countryside giving rise to the best of Eau-de-vie. The whole art of Calvados Morin and its Cellar Master is to enhance calvados derived from ciders obtained by the natural fermentation of apple juice. Ancestral know-how Calvados is to apples what Cognac is to grapes.


The skillful blend of bitter, bitter-sweet, tangy and sweet apples give a rich palette of flavors to Morin Calvados: traditionally made using modern techniques. A luxury beverage which is regularly awarded prizes by the greatest specialists. Whatever the Calvados from the Morin range, the magic is present all through the various blending and maturing phases, the secret of which is held by the Cellar Master. Each quality is the expression of one or several terroirs. Each Morin Calvados, in dry or humid cellars, inexorably follows natural evolution leading to excellence.







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