The Triggs embarked on a new phase of their lives in 2006.  For Don, it marked the end of a major chapter in his life, having nurtured a successful Canadian wine business from its inception to its acquisition by a US-based company in 2006.  However Don, an entrepreneur at heart, decided that instead of thinking about retirement, he and his wife would pursue another direction.  Still having a passion for growing grapes, and wanting to create something truly special, Don and Elaine embarked on a journey to develop a boutique family winery estate that crafted remarkable, terroir-driven wines.


Once Don & Elaine had decided to venture back into the wine business in 2006, they began their quest to find the perfect Okanagan vineyard site.  With the help of Bordeaux-based consultant, Alain Sutre, they began scouring the Valley for virgin sites with the potential to create iconic quality wines.


Purchasing raw land in 2007 and joined by their daughter Sara in 2012, the Triggs began developing their new estate, naming it ‘Culmina’ (CUL-mihn-uh).  Translating to the ‘peak‘ or ‘apex’ in Latin, they chose the name to reflect not only their lifetime of efforts in the wine industry, but also their desire to coax the highest possible quality grapes from their incredible virgin terroir.


Culmina believes that it is a combination of small and large efforts that drive sustainability forward.  Culmina is committed to improving sustainability in the longterm, evidenced by its recent experimentation involving dryland farming techniques.


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