Famiglia Cielo is located in the Berici Shire T(erra Berica), which stretches south of Vicenza. It is a geographic area marked by the gentle rises of the Berici Hills, by the wide valleys that snake their way through the hills, by the surrounding plains and by the open countryside that extends to the boundaries with the neighboring provinces of Padua and Verona. Fields and forests alternate with olive groves and vineyards, in a succession of valleys, hills, small plateaus, streams and canals.


An important protagonist of the Terra Berica, apart from nature, is culture, an integral part of the landscape. In close vicinity to the city of Vicenza, the pearl of the Renaissance, that features an abundance of architectural works by Palladio and has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This small expanse of land is dotted with a wealth of villas, both Palladian and from different periods, that can be admired together with fine examples of rural art, sanctuaries, churches, fountains. And then there are the picturesque hamlets and cave houses, evidence of ancient civilizations, museums that revive rural traditions and local crafts, prisons and fortresses, caves and quarries, landscapes.


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