Pilgrim wines honor the centuries-old pilgrimage thousands have made in search of the grave of the apostle Santiago el Mayor in Compostela.The region of El Bierzo is situated in the most western part of the province of León. It is a valley surrounded of mountains, ploughed through by courses of rivers and brooks, with varied crops from vegetable gardens to vineyard, the culture of a zone whose origins trace back to the pre-Roman period.


The vineyard in El Bierzo is planted mostly to bush vines on semi-terraced and sharp slopes of the mountains at an altitude of 1,640-2,297 feet, in soils consisting of quartzite and slate. Vine density varies between 1400 to 2800 in a climate that has Mediterranean and Atlantic influences. Average rainfall is 15 to 27 inches annually. Mencia is the chief variety grown there; a grape that generates powerful wines with marked mineral character. Other varieties like the Garnacha tintorera, Godello and Doña Blanca contribute to the expression and identity of the wines of the Bierzo.


The winery is owned by the Garcia Rodriguez family with Josep Serra and Olga Verde overseeing the oenology and viticultural aspects.


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