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In 1900, the Broccardo family laid down roots in Italy’s Langhe region and established a wine-grape growing concern on seven acres. In 1965, the next generation started making wine from their grapes for family members and friends and spent the next two decades refining and perfecting their style as well as increasing output. Today, third generation brother and sisters, winemaker Filippo, Laura and Federica, are the culmination of experience and the vineyards that have been passed down from their parents and grandparents: a respect for the land; a passion for the hard-work of grape farming and winemaking; farming techniques that naturally and responsibly cultivate the vineyards, and winemaking with as little intervention as possible to preserve the fruit and terroir characteristics of the Langhe area

The Broccardo vineyards are in three of the most popular areas of the Langhe suited to the production of Barolo wine – Monforte d’Alba, Barolo and Novello. The vineyards cover seven acres facing south and southwest. The composition of the soil is characterized by clay, tuff, sand and silt left by the withdrawal of the Sea Padano about 16 million years ago. The alternation of these layers gives to their wines excellent finesse, structure and elegance. The wine cellar is in Monforte d’Alba, which in 2014 was designated a Unesco patrimony.

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