Domaine de Lambisque

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Domaine de Lambisque

The Domaine
Domaine de Lambisque comprises of 65 acres of vineyards located in the areas of Bollène and Suze-la-Rousse in the northern Côtes-du-Rhône. The vines, planted on permeable soil, are located on a plateau of smooth pebbles (“galets roulés”). The Domaine’s name comes from the Provençal word “Lambrusco”, which means “wild vines”, evidence that there were vines growing in the area in very ancient times.

The Producers
This Domaine was acquired by the head of the Lambilly family in the 1940’s and was then passed down to his grandchildren of the Mathieu de Vienne family. Today the Domaine is managed by Claire and her husband, Philippe d’Autume, a former naval officer who retrained to work in viticulture. When the couple decided to take over management of the Domaine, they turned to distant relatives, Catherine and Laurent Delaunay, for advice and assistance. Since then, the two couples have been working closely together, the property has been taken in hand and major investments in wine-growing and wine-making equipment have been made.

The technical team who works with Catherine and Laurent Delaunay has also been called on to help. Agronomist, Hilde Chevillot, directs vineyard management, and oenologist, Sylvain Colson, supervises vinification and aging.

The Estate
In 2013, an opportunity arose to purchase 15 acres of vines in Suze-la-Rousse and Catherine and Laurent Delaunay acquired them, adding these vineyards to the estate and creating an even closer collaboration. The Domaine now comprises 65 acres of vineyards.

100,000 bottles/year.