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Our estate, which was first established in the early 1800’s, takes its name from the Ghiomo farmhouse, formerly a monastery, in Guarene, in the heart of the Roero area just 2 miles from Alba, home to world famous wines.

We take particular pride in the way wine is so deep-rooted in our long-standing country traditions.

It is now becoming quite customary for Italian and foreign wine-drinkers to seek out products of superior quality made by small or medium-sized wineries, where there is more opportunity for their differences – in themselves a synonym of creativity and excellence – to be brought out to the full.

The vineyards: Vigna Fussot and Vigna Granda
Strictly traditional growing methods are followed in the vineyard, and for several years now the REGIONAL CROP FARMING PROJECT 2078/92 – designed to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides – has been followed to guarantee that the grapes and the wines themselves are as natural as possible.

The grapes
These are the right blend of hard work and the gifts of nature. Good wine will never be made from below-standard grapes, and one vintage will never be the same as another. This is what makes drinking a glass of wine so exciting.

The wine
“There can be no love without wine”…

The entire winemaking and bottling process is handled with the utmost care and attention in keeping with the biological cycle. We like to think of old and new friends meeting up around a glass of our wine and sharing with us the sensations we ourselves enjoy in making it.

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