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Among the green vineyards and woods, Roccafiore Winery is a journey into the ideal enology: environmentally friendly with cement, steel and glass. The winery’s architecture harmoniously fits the hills and everything follows the pace of the nature in order to gently transform its precious fruits into fine wines. The modern building is conceived as a converted industrial space. From the ground a multifunction space used for cultural events and art exhibitions rises. The production premises are underground, observing the oenological traditions. In this way it is possible to guarantee efficiency in the wine-making process. At harvest, small cases of hand-harvested grapes are immediately taken to the winery and only the best bunches reach the pressing. The result of the pressing falls directly into the tanks and gravity is used to move musts and skins from the upper floor to the lower floor. This choice is taken in order to follow the philosophy of a natural approach without stressing the products. Constantly monitored temperature and humidity, large oak barrels and barriques, a modern bottling machine and continuously supervised equipment guarantees excellent wines in every bottle

At Roccafiore the quality of the environment is considered as important in the production as the land, the climate, the vines and the wine-making style. Roccafiore has been a pioneer in Italy in choosing solar panels in order to generate its own electrical power which saves up to 190,000 pounds of carbon emissions per year. This is the latest of the environmentally friendly choices at the winery which began with lighter bottles, biofuels for all the tractors and water saving measures.

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