Ca’ Rugate

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Ca’ Rugate

At the beginning of the 20th century Amedeo Tessari, known as “Mideo”, sensed the high-quality potential of his land here and sold his own wine in the family hostelry. From father to son, acre by acre, the history of Ca’ Rugate dwells around the land of the Rugate. Already in the 1930s the Tessari family harvested cherries, plums, peaches and almonds. Not a great deal of grapes was produced, all Garganega and Turbiana, and they were picked to be sold at the local markets.

Over the years the vineyards were extended, and his son, Fulvio “Beo” Tessari, who had just bought the vineyards at Monte Fiorentine, decided to crush the grapes and make a wine himself. He bought new concrete vats and large-sized casks; the first winery was thus started at Rugate around 1950. From wine on tap to the first labels was a rapid step. Fulvio and his eldest son Amedeo took the decision to extend the Brognoligo winery and invested in new machinery. These were years of great activity. The first bottles with a Ca’ Rugate label were of 1986 vintage, and the Ca’ Rugate wines began to cross national borders.

2001 is the year of the fourth generation of Tessari. Michele, Amedeo’s son, joined the business. In line with his oenological training he set up a major modernization process for the business, both in terms of quality and organization. On the one hand, a decision was taken to extend the experience of nearby Valpolicella, purchasing the first 37 acres in the district of Montecchia di Crosara; on the other, the project for a new winery, technological and functional, which would be opened in September 2002 at Montecchia di Crosara, along the Val d’Alpone road. This strategic and structural growth was supported by a network for wine distribution, which today stretches to 98 Italian provinces and 42 countries abroad.

In 2009 the decision was made to invest in the neighboring area of Lessini Durello, which had always been used for the classical method production of excellent quality wines. Today Ca’ Rugate is a business well-rooted in the local land, but which also breathes in an international climate, with a property of over 175 acres of vineyards and a production which combines respect for tradition with appropriate innovation, the fruit of conscientious and meticulous work, in the name of continuity and quality.

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